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As a professional running coach, I have become well-known and respected throughout the greater NYC area. I recently expanded my business into the virtual coaching space, coaching runners online throughout the world. After training with some of the world's greatest athletes, I developed my own unique and effective teaching methods. I focus on getting your body and mind focused on the game and prepare you to become your best self with my coaching offerings.

Hi Guys! My name’s Alli Felsenthal, and I’m 31 years old. I’m a native New Yorker born in Manhattan, NY, and raised in Chappaqua, NY (not too far north of the city!). I started blogging in 2014 on my Instagram account @runwithalli as a hobby, which has now prospered into my business: RUNWITHALLI™️, LLC Coaching.


I entered the fitness world initially in my earlier years as a swimmer. This now led to my current passion for endurance training and coaching runners. My coaching journey began with my first marathon. The 2015 NYC Marathon, finishing with a time of 3 hours and 48 minutes. I knew I not only had a gift but a new passion; Marathon is running. Shortly after, I headed to Los Angeles, and I took 14 minutes off my time and missed The Boston Marathon qualifying time by 50 seconds. Of course, you could’ve guessed what comes next! I flew to San Diego with my mom (the last race there was to qualify for the Boston), and I did it, finishing with my PR of 3 hours, 21 minutes, and 41 seconds. This uncovered a new passion of mine that I hadn't yet discovered. It's changed my life, and it has provided m with the opportunity to help others do the same for themselves, allowing me to be a part of it! 


Here’s my story.


Shortly after I ran the Boston Marathon, I thought to myself, “what's next?” and still pondered that thought. I knew I had a larger purpose than working in a job I disliked. Soon after this epiphany, I joined a gym, Equinox, and invested in personal training too!


With my trainer's guidance and a systematic program, I kept a consistent training schedule.  I found myself able to run injury-free.


 I decided to become a personal trainer too. So I did! However, I had to quit my 9-5 job first.


I took a complete career change from a 9-5 corporate digital advertising career in personal training based at Equinox Rockefeller Center. I felt like my passion for fitness and changing individuals' lives every day was something I wanted to do for not just a living but my career. I help people understand that fitness is truly a lifestyle and not just an activity you do to work out.


As a couple of years passed, my passion for coaching runners in every way began to grow. I found my niche! Today, I am the Founder and CEO of RUNWITHALLI®, LLC Coaching. My marathon programs evolve as your training progresses, making my coaching technique unique, individualized, and perfect for you and your running goals, working in tandem with your stressful lifestyle demands and needs. You worry about work, leave your running to me and let yourself live stress-free! You are a person first and a runner second. While drafting any training program, I begin each individual’s plan with this saying in mind!

RUNWITHALLI®, LLC Coaching has a mission to empower clients with the personalized guidance and customization they need to feel like their healthiest and best selves through functional fitness and personalized run coaching. Whether you have goals to lose weight, build endurance, or run your first 5K, I provide you with turnkey solutions and communication. I make sure that these solutions align with your personalized lifestyle goals and needs.

I know I've done my job as your coach when you can stay running happy ® through your buy life and stay consistent with t without getting any injuries! , using my systematic programming and my curated cross-training solutions, I'm able to use these resources and be as flexible as possible to be tailored to your specific needs with the ever-changing world we're now living in!

I welcome you to my new coaching platform and hope to help you find your healthiest mental and physical self by working with you as your life coach, your accountability coach, your running coach, and your friend. Together, let's see what you need to enable you to live your best life for you.


 RUNWITHALLI®, LLC Coaching brings something for everyone and everything for you. 

Thank you for joining my community! Welcome to your newest fitness family!


Coach Alli

CEO & Founder, RUNWITHALLI®, LLC Coaching

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