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I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to found RUNWITHALLI, LLC Run Coaching in 2019. Since then, the company has been thriving, and has quickly gained a loyal following, including a newly launched blog. I invite you to explore my site, learn about my passions, and explore which of my services excites and interests you as well.

Hi Guys! My name’s Alli Felsenthal and I’m 28 years old. I’m a native New Yorker born in Manhattan, NY and raised in Chappaqua, NY (not too far north of the city!). I started blogging in 2014 on my Instagram account @runwithalli as a hobby, which has now prospered into a business and continues to grow. 

A little bit about me and my story of how I embarked into the fitness world all started with running my first marathon. The 2015 NYC Marathon, finishing with a time of 3 hours and 48 minutes. I knew I not only had a gift, but a new passion; Marathon running. Shortly after, I trecked to Los Angeles, took 14 minutes off of my time and missed The Boston Marathon qualifying time by 50 seconds. Of course, you could’ve guessed what comes next! I flew to San Diego with my mom (he last race there was to qualify for the Boston) and I did it finishing with my PR of 3 hours 21 minutes and 41 seconds. Now, many of you might think that Marathon runners think they know it all (like I once did!),  but there’s SO much more to just running that makes a true Marathon runner a good one. Here’s my story.

Shortly after I ran the Boston Marathon I thought to myself “what next?” and still pondered on that thought. I knew I had to do something other than just run, so I joined a gym; Equinox. The membership advisor tried to sell me on personal training and I almost laughed in her face thinking I was too good for that and knew how to properly train myself. Jokingly, after discussing my weaknesses and my needs for strength training, I gave in and agreed to the free session offered by the gym and said “just find me a cute trainer!” In case you’re wondering, she did not let me down! 

I remember my first training session like it was yesterday. Not disclosing names here, but for those reading this, you know who you are and can piece the puzzle together. I was nervous and panicking all at the same time when I was brought into the club for my Equifit Assessment (which is when the trainer gets to know the member, about his/her fitness goals and assess their movement and mobility patterns through a series of screenings). Not only was my trainer super cute, but is to this day one of the best trainers, best friends and best people I know. He thoroughly walked me through the Equifit, explaining each step in thorough detail and what it meant. This allowed me to learn a lot about myself that I would’ve never known had I not taken this assessment. During the free guided session a few days after the Equifit, I was sold on personal training. The “miss know it all Boston qualifier” went from being a “not so much miss know it all” after all. 

I remember the first few sessions of being stubborn, being frustrated and not knowing how to basically lift a dumbbell. Through a series of guided programs throughout my training with my trainer, I not only gained confidence in the gym, but I learned such a great amount of knowledge about the different machines, how to use them, what to use them for and how they helped me as a Marathon runner strengthen the proper areas needed to prevent any injuries. I have to admit, I wasn’t an easy client, but more so an entertainment box. Still, my trainer spent hours of extensive researching and teaching himself how to train an elite runner not really having the skillset or background of doing so, but was up for the challenge anyway. Nevertheless, as a result, each session allowed me to learn so many ways to strength different parts of my body on my own through various exercises, uses of equipment and movements; I was mind blown. I remember saying to myself “wow - who knew a trainer could be this good”, but never wanted to admit that because yes, I was stubborn :)

After the race (which I PR’d in and finished without one injury), I continued to use my trainer because he was just that good and I knew I still needed to strength my body in conjunction with cardiovascular exercises and running. He knew what he was doing and was able to improvise on the spot if I refused to do an exercise he had programmed (and yes, there were multiple occasions where this happened). It was admirable and still is. After some time, I found myself inspired by my trainers dedication and hard work to changing my life as an athlete and as a person. It gave me some time to think and reflect over a period of several months and I finally had an epiphany. I wanted to be a personal trainer too.

Fast forward four months and I took a complete career change going from a 9-5 corporate digital advertising job and pursued my current career into personal training based at Equinox Rockefeller Center. I felt like my passion for fitness and for changing the lives of individuals every day was something I wanted to do for not just a living, but for a career. I wanted to make people understand fitness is a lifestyle, not just something you do to workout, like I was taught. 

Here I am today already a Tier 2 Equinox personal trainer a little under 4 months employed by Equinox and haven’t looked back once. It’s been challenging, scary, financially taxing all at the same time, but nothing less than rewarding, inspiring, fun and overall amazing. In additional to training, I’m also an influencer, a brand ambassador for various health, fitness and wellness brands and plan to embark in another gig of some sort; well see. This is only the beginning fit fam.

Over the years I’ve documented and photographed my strengths and weaknesses with fitness, strength training in this space, and along the way also documented:

  •         Running (I somehow have ran four full marathons!)

  •         Personal Training

  •         Quitting a corporate job at 27 to make a career change

  •         Finding a career path I love love love (I work in fitness!)

  •         My love for Travel

  •         Online Fitness Routines (check them out on my blog!)

That’s me and this blog in a nutshell.  Some wise words: Life’s too short to be anything but happy. Take what you’re passionate about, take action, make your dreams turn into reality. You can accomplish anything that you put your mind too. 

I hope you enjoy following along, and thank you so much for reading!  




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