I am an expert in Marathon Running, Run Coaching, Cross-Training for Runners and my accomplishments include:



  • CEO & Founder, Runwithalli®, LLC Coaching

  • UESCA Certified Running Coach

  • Business Management Consultant

  • NASM Behavior Change & Life Coach Specialist

  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Performance Exercise Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach - Endurance Nutrition Specialist

  • NFPT - Endurance Training Certified Specialist

  • TRX Certified Trainer



Work History:

  • Spent over 6 years as a corporate professional and turned into a Founder of my own running coaching company full-time.



Awards, Titles, and Designations:

  • Boston Qualifier 3x

  • 5K x4 - 19:07

  • Half Marathon x8 - 01:26

  • Marathon x7

  • Ultra Marathon x3

  • 1st Place Overall in 2021 NYC Winter Classic 5K at Riverside Park

  • 1st Place Overall in 2021 CityTri Runs November Half Marathon

  • 3rd Place Overall in 2021 Treasure Coast Stuart, Florida Half Marathon (HM - 1:26)

  • 3rd Place Gender & Overall in 2021 NYCRUNS Prospect Park 5K 4/17 (5K - 19:23)



Other Info:

  • Have customers in over 50+ cities around the world

  • Coached 3 runners through a full Marathon

  • Took over 30-minutes off of my Marathon time in 1 year (3:48 to 3:21)

  • NYSSMA Level 5 Finalist x2 (Piano)

  • Swam competitively from elementary school to high school

  • Between Arad and Masada in Israel, I ran four miles with IDF soldiers while visiting the Bedouin tents

  • Left my job in corporate America of 6 years diving straight into a full-time fitness professional role

  • Filed the LLC for my own run coaching company after 3+ years of hard work, working two full-time jobs, one part-time job, and attending school

  • Lived in an alcove studio in Brooklyn, NY throughout a year-long pandemic, turning my home into my virtual gym studio, bedroom, and home office


To stay running happy®for life! I'm the ones the experts turn to for Marathon Training.


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email me: info@runwithalli.com