10 Ways I Motivate Myself to Run During the Winter | Running Workouts

Winter blues. They are a REAL thing. Unfortunately, we can't control certain things, but we CAN control how we handle certain situations, On a dreary, rainy, winter day, we might not feel like going for a run because of the weather. BUT, we know how good we'll feel after we get it done! Right?! That's why I've put together my top ten ways I find motivation to get my runs in during the winter months. You might want to consider them too.

10 Ways I Motivate Myself to Run During the Winter

1. Picking out a fun running outfit to wear. Who doesn't like to look cute while working out?!

2. Having a comfortable pair of running shoes to wear, such as my new Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo Shield Sneakers. They're super light, comfortable, great for flat feet and I literally feel like I'm flying while running in them. PRO TIP: go to your nearest running store to get your feet checked out before making an abrupt purchase just because you like the look of a cute shoe. No one wants plantar fasciitis!

3. Writing daily affirmations. And I mean DAILY! I personally stick fun post-it notes on my bathroom mirror the night before so I get excited before my runs!

4. TALKING to myself while I run. Yes! If I don't, who else is going to?! I happen to be known as the motivator and cheerleader. Happy to be yours too!

5. Rewarding myself with something I really want after my run. I ONLY let myself have it if I earn it!

6. Making plans to run with a friend, or two! Running is always more enjoyable with buddies!

7. Picking a fun running course or path to run on. Maybe a new one might be unfamiliar, but new scenery is always good for the mind!

8. Making a date out of it! Why not?!

9. Throwing intervals into the mix. It challenge me and forces me to add in that HIIT training to keep me in tip top shape for my races! Who doesn't want to shed excess fat? I mean, get that extra work done?!

10. Planning accordingly. Setting a time in my calendar so I can mentally prepare for those run is EVERYTHING. Trust me. It helps! I love to use my own planner in Google Sheets (which I'll be posting on my website to sell to you loves in the near future!). For now, I recommend using Evernote, or Google Calendar! I seriously think I'd be lost without both!

Next time your debating about sticking to your running plan, review these, or your very own 10 reasons why you're going for that run for some inspo! You just might reconsider!

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See you out there!


Coach Alli