3 Fueling Tips During Your Long Runs: Where To Store Your Fit Fuel

Running any distance takes a lot of mental and physical energy. The last thing you need is to worry about storing your fit fuel during your long training runs.

Your body needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, electrolytes to fuel appropriately during your longer runs. Also, a game plan comes in very handy when it’s go time for race day. Experimenting with fuel during your training is the Time to dabble with this, too, so you can figure out what energies work best for you and where to store them for race day!

Furthermore, This task doesn’t have to be so daunting if you plan out where to keep your fuel and how to access it when you’re getting fatigued quickly!

When your brain tells you to stop, but you have 5 miles left to go, it’s time to reach for that fuel! Thanks to Baleaf Sports apparel for making gear that provides pockets to easily store gels, gu, and all sorts of energy during your runs to help you power through them, feeling strong and less fatigued! In this study from the National Library of Medicine, research suggests how maintaining carbs as fuel during the days leading up to a race is an excellent way to nail down your nutrition strategy! After countless times of dropping a gu on the ground or having to stop running during a run, my Baleaf shorts allow me to store my fuel, grab it when I need it on-the-go. Pun intended.

Below is what I do based on my expertise and personal experience to prepare for my long runs properly!

3 Fueling Tips During Your Long Runs

1. Test out what fits into what you’re wearing, like your sports bra.

Try out a pair of shorts and nix the hydration belt! Less is more! Whether you have dried fruit, gels, or RBars for your fuel, you need to figure out how to keep them handy during your long runs, so when you need them, grabbing them won't be an issue!

2. Practice with different strategies.

Fifteen grams of carbs for every 15 minutes is a staple for marathon intake, but what works for others might not work for you.

Practice with various nut butter, gas, fructose fuels during your long runs and storing your fuels on you during training. Don’t wait for a surprise on race day!

3. Try out different fuels that don’t weigh you down and that you can compartmentalize during your training runs.

Even try to pack one into your shorts! Currently, I’ve been training with my Baleaf Pocketed Workout Shorts, which features two deep, fitted pockets (one on each side) that can hold multiple gels and whatever else you may need to carry. There are many bottoms for runners with great suitable pockets for your fit fuel. However, I am a massive fan of my shorts because I’ve never lost my fit fuel on the run! Let’s face it, what’s worse than having your keys, or your gel drop out of your shorts. No fun!

Check out these Baleaf shorts and other apparel to test out during your training runs to prepare you for race day! And if none of the above work, and you’re feeling bummed the first go around, think of all of the fantastic runners you’ll get to run alongside on race day! It’ll bring a smile to your face when you’re braving the training plan.

Different strategies can help get you to your desired result with proper consistency, structure, a system in place, and self-discipline. Once you see the results of your success, you'll be motivated to keep on GOING! Especially with the proper fit fuel! Until next time! Coach Alli

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