4 Nutrition Supplements for Runners - Which One's Do You Use?

Updated: Jan 19

A good run begins with practicing the proper fueling strategies. While training to become a runner, your focus might be to complete 60 seconds of jogging on the first day of your new program, with zero nutritional strategies intact to coincide with your longer, endurance easy paced runs. Before you set foot out to run, you don't know what you're about to be doing to your muscles, and how to properly fuel and refuel them to promote faster recovery after your workouts.

This is setting you up for disaster. It could lead to a potential injury down the road.

  • Exhausted and unable to finish a workout

  • Depleted of glycogen and all sorts of fuel the body needs

  • A week in bed, knocked out by your previous run

  • Daily exhaustion and fatigue from improper fueling strategies

For more of a deep dive on nutrition supplements for endurance athletes, feel free to reference the resources below:

All of the above become possible when your fueling strategy is off during your training. As a rule of thumb, active individuals require anywhere from a hundred to 2,500 mg + of sodium an hour! Of course, this is contingent on the individual, the physiological conditions, sweat rate, and how much sodium the individuals' body is putting into a sweat. To keep it simple, it's important to train with the proper hydration and fueling strategy that works for you, in addition to adding in nutritional supplements I've mentioned.

1.Elderberry Hill - Ionic Zinc Droplets. Regardless of how far you're running, it's important to make sure that you're replacing what your body loses during your runs. Sometimes, your body can't get enough of those lost vitamins and minerals that it needs in order to properly function from the foods that we eat! Since veganism and vegetarianism seem to both be popular rising diets for many runners nowadays, Zinc becomes more important to replace as we sweat while we're running. Zinc also is a major immunity booster. If running keep you healthy now, this will only enhance your health. Zinc also happens to be a metabolism booster, too. So don't be surprised if you're extra hungry after those training runs! Give your body what it needs. Food is fuel.

Thanks to my Elderberry Hill Ionic Zinc Droplets, featured below, I'm able to sustain the proper amount of about 11-13mg a day that my body needs to need to sustain a healthy living! Check it out now on Amazon to grab yours now! Let's stay healthy and injury-free.

2. Magnesium. Magnesium has a ton of benefits for runners. This supplement is vital for producing energy, and for allowing our muscles to properly function. This vitamin also helps our bodies metabolize insulin. Our bodies need magnesium and calcium to keep our bones strong and our bodies healthy! With a decrease in this supplement, runners tend to experience increased lactic acid build-up, increased recovery periods, anxiety, muscle cramping/spasms, as well as reduced performance during races. Magnesium allows our bodies to use glycogen as glucose, which fuels our bodies during exercise. Without enough glucose, our bodies cannot create lactate. Thanks to the Magnesium Citrate below, this can all be remediated and fixed pre-emptively so we are sure to never let this happen to ourselves!

3. Himalayan Salt. Your sweat rate, and how much sodium your body is putting into sweat both play a role in how many electrolytes your body needs after your runs. The average loss of sodium is 500mg per 1lb of sweat. So, you'll need to intake 500mg per lb of sweat you lose on average in order to bounce back to equilibrium.

It's important to train with the proper hydration and fueling strategy that works for you, in addition to adding in nutritional supplements. To calculate your sweat rate per hour to plan your hydration plan, I found this calculation to be very valuable and helpful for me, and now I'm sharing it with you too! Make sure to use this as merely a guide, and then work with a coach to assess your personal hydration needs. My go-to sodium choice is Morton's Himalayan Sea Salt.

Himalayan Salt Benefits

  • Prevents muscle spasms

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Improves hydration

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Helps proper lung and respiratory function

  • Creates healthier sleeping patterns

All you need is a pinch mixed into your water and boom. You're good to go! Himalayan Se Salt doesn't strip away minerals like table salt does, just in case you're wondering what the difference is. Therefore, it still has minerals we need to replenish our bodies after those runs! Click here to grab your very own Himalayan Salt now!

4. Post-Run Protein - RBAR Energy Bites. Another fantastic source of Vitamin E, which saves our cells from a lot of unnecessary oxidative damage derived from almonds, or from almond oil/butter. Thankful for RBar Energy, my newest go-to fit fuel during my training runs. These are now my #1 favorite energy bar! I love how I can easily take these snacks on-the-go with me during my runs without having to hold too much weight! They're super compact. YES! And they're SO worth it! My affiliate code 'runwithalli20' saves you 20% off of your purchase when clicking right here to grab your stash! I recommend the Matcha Orange Almond Protein Bars for that post-run fit fuel. These jam-packed goodies help you to heal those muscles and speed up that recovery process too!

Being depleted of glycogen and all sorts of fuel the body needs throughout your running journey is something you want to AVOID at all costs. It's absolutely avoidable with the proper plan of action in place during your training! Staying hydrated properly to maximize your return out of your runs will lead you to beautiful destinations. Think about the long run. Fuel your body for success and trust your process. The best is yet to come.

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