6 Ways Running and Strength Training Can Help You Lose Weight

Running for weight loss is probably one of my favorite topics to write about, and talk to you about when it comes to running. It hits home for me and is a major part of the reason why I began my personal running journey back in 2015. I initially ran for wight loss and I ran for stress-relief.

There are such fabulous benefits both mentally and physically that this sport gives us to live our best lives. This is also a sport that allows you to find a healthy way to lose some excess weight while staying healthy, injury-free and stress-free!

Weight loss is attainable through running. This can be attainable with a program that’s not arbitrarily bouncing around with random mileage, but rather incorporating a different intensity and proper progressive overload that works best for your personal needs while also keeping it all enjoyable and fun!

I realized while I heavied up on cross-training while during the time that I was injured in 2018, the benefits from the different low-impact high-intensity exercises on my body and on my mind. They were life changing. The outdoors and home equipment became my gym during the pandemic. Soon enough, I developed my signature cross-training method in hopes of helping other injured runners, and runners running for all different reasons succeed with their own running goals! And we're evolving and adapting to the changes together by enhancing lives worldwide with this kind of training!

My passion for running is my way of helping you to enhance your well-being in relation to everything that you do!

Below are 4 Ways Running and Strength Training Can Help You Lose Weight For Good

  1. Strength Training with Bodyweight Exercises is Key for Fat Loss. Both help you to build muscle and torch fat quickly in conjunction with your runs in your running program. When you combine the two together, you boost your metabolic rate, causing you to feel like you want to eat more because your metabolism is higher, but healthier, nutritious foods are the way to go to maintain your fitness and your weight loss program. Stay away from the junk! When you tone your body through resistance training (strength training), your muscles begin to outweigh your body fat, allowing your body to burn more calories when you’re resting. Crazy cool, right?

  2. Stronger Muscles Make Your Life Easier. If you think about your daily tasks around the office, the house, or anywhere rather, you need stronger muscles to pick up your bag while booking it to catch the next bus, or to carry groceries 4 blocks away from your apartment! These functional tasks count as exercise! Don’t discredit them! Remember more muscle = more burned body fat!

  3. Running and Cross Training Will Make You An Overall Stronger Runner! On your recovery days, if you choose to partake in a boxing class, or jump into the pool for some laps, you're helping your body to build endurance, build strength and become toned and lean through different movement patterns that complement your running training! Keeping your training dynamic is key for your body to avoid any kind of plateau! Your body is always adapting.

  4. Cross-Training and Running Together Will Improve Your Health! With the proper workout routine, you can combine your favorite cross-training exercises or group fitness classes with your runs to optimize your running and strength weight loss program! This coincides with your nutrition for endurance program too! And if you’re lost and in need of a helping hand, email me today! I’m here to help you create your personalized program that works best for you and your needs! Especially when you have the proper headphones and a fun podcast to tune into during your runs, and during your workouts!

Various studies, including this one from the Journal of Applied Physiology, show improvements in performance from combining aerobic exercises, such as running for endurance and at higher intensities with cross-training and/or strength training. This gives you more flexibility to find a running workout routine that fits your personal needs. Especially while working with other runners in the running community, or by following different running routes on Strava to help you stay on track. And of course, an accountability partner to help you create structure while simultaneously guiding you through expert programming that meets your personalized needs can be attainable while working with a coach!

My passion is to help more of you incorporate more flexible, diverse programming into your running programs to keep you less prone to injuries while enjoying the hard work that running training brings.

You in?


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