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Distance running and nutrition have been a hot topic from many different angles. Depending on the race's distance or the run you’re planning to do, nutrition comes into play as distance runners approach training for longer runs and races. To complete longer races injury-free while optimizing health and performance, a runner needs proper recovery and fueling strategies to fulfill their individualized fitness goals and needs.

Benefits of Supplements for Distance Runners

Complex carbohydrates, such as Chobani yogurt, quinoa, sweet potatoes, chickpea pasta, beans, and lentils, all combine around 18-20gram of protein with some healthy fat imperative to a distance runner's success. This, in addition to getting the proper amount of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), such as magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and omega 3 fats, is essential for keeping a healthy regime before and after long runs. If you do both, you’ll be eating more frequently than ever before. Supplements are a great way to add to your holistic food regime and to ensure yourself that you’re not skimping out on those "must-need" nutrients that keep your body in check. Running supplements are also beneficial on-the-go both before or after that your training session. Whether you're hitting the snooze button for the third time, or if you're running after your run to get to work, it's nice to have something convenient, and that works!

Taking supplements, natural remedies, soft gels, and nutrient-dense proteins and carbohydrates need to be more of a thing nowadays. There are many pros and cons regarding dabbling with endurance supplements while training for your distance runs. Let's check on several of the pros.

7 Reasons Why Distance Runners Should Take Supplements

  1. They’re convenient and easy to take at all times!

  2. You get the nutrients you need when you need them. Timing can be everything with these bad boys.

  3. They’re not messy, and they’re the perfect on-the-go bar!

  4. They keep your muscles strong and healthy. What distance runner doesn’t need that?

  5. They help you understand that you’re intaking and understand the nutrients that your body needs during training!

  6. On the trail, they’re handy when the terrain gets tough. Literally!

  7. They’re delicious! Especially the PB&J RBar Energy Bars! YUM!

5 Steps to Take to Get Supplements into Your Program

1. Ask a brand to try them out in exchange for promoting them on your IG. Save yourself a few bucks in business for a great marketing idea. You're welcome!

2. MAKE an accountability tracker help yourself develop foundational, sustainable habits. You got to start somewhere! USE MINE for starters if you’d like! Game changer!

3.Start to train using supplements during your training runs to find what works best and what doesn’t for you. Don’t save it for race day! An hour. Before your activity and 30 minutes after, do you WONDERS during your workout if you eat nutrient-dense on-the-go healthy foods! Here's a list of some of my favorite go-to's with meal and meal timing!

4. Start small. Try a new soft gel, like biotin, and try taking it two times a day as prescribed. After you master that new habit, try another! We can always do better.

5. Make your life easier on yourself - things don’t always have to be super stressful.

7-Day Supplement Plan

Day 1: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Day 2: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Day 3: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Day 4: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Day 5: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Day 6: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Day 7: 2x Biotin Gels, One Extra glass of water

Next week, we’ll incorporate RBar Energy Bars into your supplement plan! Supplement one and DONE!

Endurance Supplements and Distance Running Success

Fuel is a necessity for any runner. I remember being malnourished and my femur almost collapsing, forcing me not to run in the Boston Marathon that year. We live, and we learn, but it doesn’t always have to be the hard way. When your body is depleted of glycogen, it needs more to keep ongoing. Performance training is training your fitness and fuel intake at the proper timing and at levels that work best for your training and you! Remember how important food plays a role in your distance running training process. If you have questions or need any advice, don't be afraid to reach out to me! I'm always here to help!

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