How To Incorporate Recovery Into Your Marathon Training Program

5 Ways to Expedite Your Post-Marathon Recovery

Regardless of how seasoned of a runner you might be, have you nailed down a proper recovery strategy for race day? If yes, AWESOME! Still read this! If not, hear me out! Recovery should take place during the actual training for runners at ALL fitness levels. This will give you the ability to run your best race while being your leanest and your strongest the HEALTHY WAY! 

Most runners are completely wrecked after any long distance race. This could all result from poor recovery during training. 

Ever felt like your legs were almost jello for over 48 hours after a race? Ever wondered if there would ever be a way to prevent that from happening? Sure enough, there is! I'll be discussing how recovery is important, how it goes beyond just resting your legs and how to properly implement 5 simple strategies into your marathon training program that will help you to properly fuel, recover and train for your next race! 

What is Recovery, and Why Does it Matter?

Recovery in training allows you to return to your normal state after the strenuous activity you’ve performed. Allowing this process to take its course will enable you to remain injury-free and also become the best runner that you can possibly be! 

It’s important to understand the importance of recovery during Marathon training and both the gains and the losses that recovery brings. When executed with a proper strategy and structure with your running program, you’ll prevent burnout, you’ll prevent overtraining, and you might just save yourself your mental sanity too! 

5 Ways to Implement Recovery 

Smart Programming

Proper Nutrition


Cross Training 

Mobility Drills

Smart Programming

Structure your runs in a way that will allow your body to adapt to the physiological changes that it’s going through. In non-gibberish, your body will have better ability to heal with the proper mixture of cross training, easy runs, interval runs (or tempo runs based on the specific goal of the training block that you’re in), mobility work and REST! 

Proper Nutrition

Food is fuel. Especially while training for performance. First handedly, I experienced this the hard way and it’s not something I’d ever wish for you to go through. Being so hung up on the way I looked versus the way I felt put me out of running for a year and a half. Today, I created something that I was never taught. A Running for Beginners course, with guidance on nutrition pre and post workout fuel along with various shoe recommendations for each race and each foot, pacing strategies, the 'WHY' behind every run, how to properly fuel for a race, how to perform dynamic stretches and mobility properly, when to do them and how to properly run. There are offerings for beginner runnings, intermediate runners and advanced runners. OH YEAH THERE ARE ALL 3! And let's not forget RUNNING MECHANICS. HI! We love perfect form! For running, and for living a healthier life! Yep! It’s a thing that will change your running!


Rest, Refuel and Recharge. It’s important to dedicate time to training of course and the community that you’re involved within. It’s also important to make time for friends and family too. It’s good for the mind, body and soul. AMEN!

Cross Training

This is one of the best ways to stay conditioned and to stay strong while preparing for a Marathon, or any difficult distance race for that matter. In order to keep your body injury-free, strength and conditioning exercises and drills will be a key staple in your training program. Reference EXCLUSIVE access to your newest tutorial guide right here for your new go-to strength training drills with live exercises performed by me. Coach Alli!

  • Please repeat 12-16 reps for each of the 3 exercises shown! Perform this routine 2-3x/week in conjunction with your runs! And if you have questions, you know who to ask. Drop me a note right here!

Mobility Drills

You need to be able to properly move your major joints through their proper range of motion before you can strengthen them. Otherwise, you might develop asymmetries and overdeveloped muscles with other muscles compensating where they shouldn’t be, inhibiting your performance and making you more prone to an injury.

  • Grab a foam roller (try this one here!) and try out these mobility drills daily RIGHT HERE before and after your runs with me! Perform each drill for roughly 5 minutes/day. You’ll thank me when you finish your next race injury free! :)

Recovering during your training up to race day is imperative for performance and for injury prevention! This is just a glimpse of the little things you can do to incorporate into your training on a regular, consistent basis to SEE and FEEL the positive impact it has on your running!

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This Complimentary Course Will Include:

  • 7 Mobility Drills for Runners

  • 7 Dynamic Stretches for Runners & When to Perform Each/How Often

  • 7 Static Stretches for Runners When to Perform Each/How Often

  • Fueling for Endurance: a brief 15-minute “How-To” chat with all participants via Zoom followed by Coach Alli’s 10 top meal recommendations for ALL diet types, including portion sizes, the most optimal times to eat and refuel around your training, and of course, proper nutrient dense macronutrient and micronutrient rich foods!


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