Movement Matters | Stress Less, Sweat Less

Does it ever feel like it’s nearly impossible to sit up straight or to just simply get up and move? Answer: YES. Feeling frustrated? I once was too. Moving and creating healthier habits lead to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you. Let me help you to begin finding ways to get up and MOVE more readily. Regardless of your profession, it’s doable. There are ways to make it work.

I’m your 9-5er gone rogue. Here’s my story. I was in Corporate America for six years of my professional career, sitting hunched over at a desk from 9-5. I was sedentary all day, watching the clock. Yep. That was me. I sat at a desk, knowing I was safe financially and unwilling to take a risk to do what I really wanted to do, which was to create a career within the fitness industry. As the days passed, I would find more unique ways to move, especially while at the office. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I was that girl using a resistance band at my desk in fear of having bad posture. I had an inherent fear of looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Kid you not! It doesn’t stop there. I used to fake doctor’s appointments to go workout at the gym. I’d get a “coffee” when really I was just going for a leisurely stroll outside in need of some Vitamin D rays. I was straight up depressed and unhealthy. My hips were so tight sitting down all day that when I would stand up from my desk, my hips CRACKED. At age 27. Not cool. I knew I needed to make a change and that was my calling.

About a year and a half ago, I made the decision to finally leave my Corporate Job for a full time career in the Fitness Industry and I did it. Fast forward to now and I’ve built my portfolio of business to be a successful Personal Trainer, with a book of over 20 clients, a Group Fitness Instructor, a Run Coach, Owner of my Podcast: Runwithalli Live and a Fitness and Wellness Coach and Influencer with a vision and goal to help inspire others to move and better their lives through fitness and movement. 

This made me more aware of what movement can really do to a person. Having success stories from helping a grandfather to do wheelbarrow races with his granddaughter, to coaching a 54 year old man with one kidney, helping him to run a sub 4 hour marathon has made me hungry for more, wanting to create a bigger change for every single individual that I can touch and encourage to simply get up and get moving. Movement is medicine.

There are many reasons why you should incorporate Functional Training into your daily lifestyle. Most individuals have a difficult time moving properly. Before incorporating a complex training program into one’s training regime, it’s important to ensure that an individual can move in different patterns and planes of motion. Less is more! Simple movements translate to every day movements and if we can’t do those, well, we’re going down a path that’s going to hinder our optimal daily living. Think about something like a squat. How does this translate to what we do outside of the gym? When you sit down, you bend your knees, right? When you drop something on the ground, do you bend your knees and hips to pick it up? Can you do this pain-free? If your reading this and your hesitant to answer, then you know what I’m trying to get at here. While it might not be easy to implement all of the time in the world each day to movement, it’s important to incorporate it in some way, shape or form own a daily basis. It can only eat up 15 minutes of your day! Here’s how.

At you desk job. #9to5.

Set three alarms throughout the course of your work day to get up and MOVE. Practice postural intelligence aka movements to increase our ability to move well instead of being hunched over, looking at those computers and cell phones all day! Ehem, no.

After work, block out 15-20 minutes of your day for yourself to move.

Use this time to do at at-home workout, a group workout session, or a simple walk in the park. Here’s your 15 minute bodyweight circuit to do basically anywhere! 15 forward to reversed lunges per leg, 15 bodyweight squats, 15 floor taps, two lateral plank walks with a push up alternating sides, and walking around for 30s nonstop! Repeat this 3x with 10s of rest between each set. This should take you around 15 minutes or so. It’s functional, it’s free, and you can do it anywhere on YOUR time and dime.

Use the buddy system.

Next time hubby asks you to help him carry that extra grocery bag and you say no, think twice. These kinds of simple hacks could change your life! Energy is contagious. Make a date out of farmer carries.


Moving back to the office scene, if someone sees you taking the stairs, they might join you and before you know it, you’ll be leading the entire office every day with these basic movement healthy habits! Office wellness anyone?! Good vibes attract your tribe! Make this a new SKILL. It could increase productivity at work, or anything you do in the workplace as an additional perk. Take note.

We all know that in a perfect world, we’d be at our desks maybe for a tiny portion of our day, able to move freely as we wanted. However, we need to find workarounds in our society in order to make this movement. Say bye to chronic back pain, bye to poor posture and bye to an unproductive, depressing workplace. Set those alarms and get up and moving with your coworkers daily! You just might find that your overall workplace and lifestyle are both happier and enhanced.

Next time you’re feeling groggy and tired, maybe you just might need that walk for five minutes. We weren’t meant to sit all day. We were meant to move freely. Let’s make this movement happen together. Time to move.