My Three Must-Have Running Performance and Recovery Supplements

Raise your hands in the air because it's TUESDAY!

Who's getting out for their long run today? Whatever you do, make sure to get up and move at least three times today. Health is wealth! Fitness is only a piece of the puzzle.

Fueling and educating ourselves with this knowledge is vital to your success as an athlete, especially when training for a distance event like a marathon. Supplements that attribute to faster recovery periods and improve performance are shared below for distance athletes, predominantly runners!

Today, I started practicing my run fueling strategy during my training run to prepare my body for race day. I am a firm believer in training like I'm in second and racing like I'm in first. By this, what I mean is that I genuinely enjoy learning things about my body and my adaption to my training program while incorporating and testing out more endurance supplements year after year. It is imperative to see which fuel works best with me and my belly during my training runs. That way, I can be much better prepared for race day once I've pretty much nailed my nutrition strategy down to a T!

Food is fuel. There's no question about that.

At night, my go-to dish during my crazier workdays usually consists of leafy greens, vegan cheese, eggs or chicken, little to no condiments, and a yogurt parfait!

I am a firm believer in getting your proper macronutrients and micronutrients from the foods that you eat. However, endurance supplements take it a step further and help us best prepare our bodies to stay healthy while training and packing on that excess stress! This is why endurance supplements have been my JAM lately.

Below are my three go-to endurance supplements to help me cruise through my training, both energetic and injury-free!

1. Solgar Gentle Iron, 180 Vegetable Capsules. Female athletes, especially those who don't eat red meat, are bound to have low iron. If you're feeling fatigued, lethargic, and weak, I won't rule your low iron count-out. Best to get it checked with your physician before adding your iron supplements into the mix.

2. My adrenals are CRAZY if my nutrition is wack. What is a cause of my hormones being OFF is the overbearing stress my body isn't quite just yet used to yet from my training. Thank you full for Cordyceps Extract 1000 mg 200 Veggie Capsules helping my body to clear lactate by helping to boost lactate energy metabolism in my cells when taken! Cordyceps are used for medicinal purposes too. They already are. They help to reduce inflammation within the body. This fungus helps with immunity help and improves kidney functions. All athletes need extra attention while piling on the higher volume of miles progressing into any distance training. This caterpillar larvae containing fungus does do wonders. My favorite new go-to to compliment my endurance training is here!

4. Turmeric! Thankful for my newest addition to my endurance supplement cabinet. My NatureWise Curcumin Turmeric 2250mg is just AMAZING! This baby promotes faster and more efficient muscle recovery and inflammation to treat your body with after more prolonged, more challenging workouts. This is my #1 go-to! Talk about a performance enhancer from more efficient recovery periods during those runs! AHAH!

Grab one of the three endurance supplements listed above! Try one out! Now is the time to test the waters and see which one works best for you and your personalized fitness and nutritional needs!

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