Prevent Pain on the Outside of Your Feet While Running | 2 Foot Stretches to Do Before Every Run

Especially while running, experiencing pain on the outside of your foot, or anywhere on your foot at all is not pleasant!

It’s the worst. I know! I CAN RELATE from personal experience.

Many recreational runners tend to experience foot pain in different areas. A common complaint is a result of tendonitis, which results from a runner using different stabilizer muscles to compensate for another problem. Let’s break it down further. The two tendons: peroneous longus and the peroneous brevis both prevent your foot from pronating, or caving inwards while running. To throw a little knowledge in here, these two tendons are the tendons that save your ankle and that work harder in your foot to compensate for the pain taking place outside of the hurting foot.


Before your outside (or lateral) foot pain gets worse. Take a step back and breathe. IT’S OKAY! We can fix this.

Dynamic stretching before your training runs is now more efficient and important than EVER for you if you’re reading this and experiencing outer foot pain.

Let me ask you something.

How many times a week do you stretch your feet? Do you even know how to? There’s no wrong answer!

Most of us don’t even bother to stretch our feet and instead, default and stretch our primary muscles only (our hips, knees, quads, hamstrings, etc).

Surprisingly, this is not a very good way to ensure we’re saving ALL of our running muscles used while we run!

There are two AWESOME foot stretches for all runners, especially if you’re someone who is experiencing lateral foot pain. Since all of our muscles connect, these stretches just might help those ankles, hips and knees too as it turns out!



This is great if you're an individual with flat feet and might be overusing the two tendons discussed before. You now should have more knowledge and a better idea of what might be causing that pain you're experiencing, especially while considering where it's located on your foot.

See the clip of me performing this stretch below.

To prevent the foot arch pain, here, I am stretching my front foot, keeping my front foot heel on the ground while driving that same knee toward the wall. Hello ankle mobility! Hi calves! You might feel these guys during this one! Complete this stretch, holding each foot for 15-20 seconds against the wall and then releasing it before driving it forwards again. Perform this for 5x total at a time every single time before you run! Make the time. No excuses!


Prevent Plantar Fasciitis (that heel pain) with the below end movement.

During this stretch, you should be alternating each foot off the ground (almost like you’re riding a bike) making sure that your entire foot lands firmly on the ground without that heel striking the ground first while switching feet!

This drill helps me to get my blood flowing, improving my mobility that my body needs before my runs! It can do the same for you too! While standing with my entire leg on the ground, I’m making sure that I’m leaning forward from my ankles. This sets me up to properly transition between both feet being off the ground at different times, just like when we run! While performing this drill, make sure to keep both feet flexed, allowing for a smooth transition while switching feet. This will help to eliminate excess bouncing during your runs. It can also help you gain the beginning techniques that lead to excellent running form! Hold this drill on each foot for 15-20 seconds, 5x on each on each prior to every single run!

Now you have two dynamic drills to perform before your runs that will leave you pain free, able to run better, able to move better and able to enjoy your runs even more!

If you’re experiencing outer foot pain, or any foot pain at all, feel free to reach out to me by emailing me at, or consult your Doctor, or PT. I’m happy to provide you with a referral if needed as well! It’s time to train smarter than ever!

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Run safe out there.

Celebrate every small win!

Coach Alli