Prime Your Performance | My 6 Go-To Injury Prevention Moves

Alli Felsenthal - January 29, 2021

Remember that posture tutorial I did the other day. If not, watch it here. It’s the real deal.

Nowadays, we’re in hybrid offices, stuck working from our home offices Monday - Friday with no clear forward-thinking definitive goal in mind. No one knows what’s going to happen in the first place. Layering a pandemic onto that stirs up more bottles of uncertainty—certainly, the last thing any of us need right now. Imagine your life 365 days ago—one year. Were you pressing the snooze button at 8:30 am, rolling out of bed for your daily at 9:00 am team for that check-in meeting? Were you rushing to grab the 4,5, or 6 MTA subway? This goes to my fellow NYC go-ers and neighbors. It's crazy how our ways of moving around and leading our daily lives have transitioned tremendously in a period of around a year. The better thing? We're transitioning with it! We are the change. We need to stop ourselves from being lazy and getting off track. I'm here to help you do that. Your coach right here! I provide something for everyone and everything for you, working with individuals, groups, and corporate employees to find and tailor customized programs to align with each individualized goals and needs! We need to move our bodies to enhance our well-being and our health, as well as our loved ones too! We were made to move our bodies daily. Movement enhances our lifespan, our overall well-being, and our purpose in life. We now have the resources together to prevent injuries instead of reacting to them. Let’s move it!

Not into the whole group thing? Let’s chat!

Through my content, videos, and coaching practice, I’ve fulfilled my purpose as your coach by seeing your transformation from start to finish, from self-conscious to shy. From confident to a healthy, empowering natural leader, I help individuals transform their minds and bodies through running and fitness, going from self-defeated and unmotivated to ambitious and passionate leaders in their line of work.

Below are my three go-to moves below for your NEW full 10-15 minute office-friendly bodyweight workout! Perform each of the three moves straight through three times. Give yourself under 30 seconds of rest between all three rounds Looking to sep it up a notch? Cut down the recovery period between each of the three sets! Less rest = more bad$$.

Do something different. Yes, you can!

10-15 Minute NEW Bodyweight Metabolic Boosting Circuit

1. Alternating Bodyweight Forward Lunges

Keep that back knee two inches above the ground while both knees are at a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulder blades down and back, keep those abs engaged, and practice doing the Steve uracil pelvic tuck, tucking your tailbone under to prevent yourself from hyperextended your lumbar spine!

2.Bodyweight Jump Squats or Speed Squats

Keep both knees over both toes, with your back aligned with your spine. Nice and flat!

3.Side Plank Hold with Clamshell Raises

Work the glute medius muscle with these bad boys! Fun fact: These lift up your butt. All-natural. Gotta get that foot relief! Inhale, bringing your hip closest to the ground back towards the ground, exhale from your belly through your mouth, almost like you’re blowing away your worst nightmare with all of that air that your body can exhale, simultaneously lifting yourself off the ground easily every repetition!

Remember that good things take TIME. Consistency is key. Keep showing up, stay on track, hold yourself accountable. Be your best you!

SMILE. As my infamous saying goes on, my IG LIVES, “it’s not that serious."

Exhale all of that stress and anything that’s been weighing you down lately out through the dynamic metabolic conditioning circuit routine—one day at a time.

Enjoy your new special go-to!

You’re in for a treat!

Until next time!

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