Quarantine 2020 | Ways to Stay Sane

Being cooped up in our homes has forced us all to learn together how to adapt to change

The silver lining of this quarantine period has allowed me to understand the beauty of patience, self-discipline and self-growth.⁣

⁣Just like any other obstacle, this time has helped me to make myself stronger, better and wiser. Because I’ve been able to accomplish this for myself, I’ve been able to help OTHERS! 💯.⁣

⁣As a runner, I’ve learned throughout my own training and my own hard work that being easy with myself is the only way to be. Trusting the process sets me free. ⁣

⁣As a coach, this mindset has enabled me to adapt to this new norm we’re all going through. It has armed me with the tools I need to find the new conventional during this unconventional time. I’m better able to place a stronger emphasis on structure and accountability. Especially in the lives of the individuals I get to coach! 🙏🏻❤️.⁣

⁣I’m able to lift others up around me with this positive mindset shift, optimistic attitude and adaptability to change. ⁣

⁣Very grateful for this time that’s forced many of us to change the way we do things by finding new ways to do them! Change isn’t comfortable, but any kind of change is better to handle together!

5 Things That Have Helped Me to Live my Best Quarantined Life

1. Sleeping. A LOT. Sleep is medicine for me. And I truly never get enough of it. It's a part of my macro habit in my habit tracker that I hold myself accountable to every single day!

2. Catching up on larger projects and revamping my strategy to get sh*t DONE! We all tend to deviate from our tasks at times, so I found ways to fix this, but it didn't happen overnight! As an Accountability coach, I want to pay it forward and share with you what helps to hold me accountable. If you need some help here, just reach out! I'm a click away. :)

3. Catching up with friends and family. I've called friends from afar and near, but more importantly, all of these conversational have been SO much more valuable. Maybe we needed this to realize what we've been missing with the tech interfering with our human relationships. I can't wait to nix the phone the next time I get to hang with my friends and my family without these coronavirus times. Can you relate?!

4. Marathon Training & Coaching through my own company RUNWITHALLI, LLC, providing services worldwide to runners at all levels looking to get fit and stay fit, or PR on their own time and dime. I work with my runners on a very customized, 1:1 basis to help them implement an accountability tracker, proper cross-training workouts to compliment their training runs and rest days, a structured workout program that aligns with their busy work/life demanding tasks outside of their training. Although it might be challenging, it's doable. When there's a well, there's a way! As a side note, I'm pretty convinced we are ALL coming out of this quarantine more fit than EVER. Right guys?! You know who you are!

5. Spending time journaling in my diary and just being happy with being me!

⁣How have you been handling this quarantine lately?

Shoot me a message and let me know! I want to hear from YOU! 😀🙌🏻🏃🏻‍♀️

Coach Alli

About Coach Alli

Alli is an elite marathon runner, run coach and accountability coach based in Brooklyn, NY. She possesses various certifications, some of which include: NCSF CPT, NASM PES, Nutrition Coaching (PN1) and her UESCA Running Certification. After having to pull herself from running in the 2017 Boston Marathon due to a severe quad strain and piriforimis syndrome, she rehabbed herself back to healthy through the help many specialists, doctors, coaches and fellow like-minded community leaders, which led her to her passion for cross-training for runners, which she has now made a staple for her programming for the runners that she coaches! She is the CEO & Founder of RUNWITHALLI LLC, a run coaching service offering premium 1:1 customized coaching services tailored to specific individual lifestyle goals and needs. Alli works with each of her runners and athletes to help them make a schedule around their busy work/life demands to structure in their training workouts and make it doable for them! Alli is also a nutrition coach and personal trainer, helping each runner to strength-train, cross-train and eat right while training! She has partnered with Prehab USA, preventative injury DPTs who work with her runners to ensure they are setup for success prior to entering into any training program. Alli is the corporate trainer turned full-time fitness trainer, having taken a full dive into the fitness industry after working for 6 years in Corporate America in digital ad sales. She is passionate about helping others to enhance their own lives through movement, fitness and running. Alli makes sure that she does the best she can possibly do with her clients to provide them with something she never had herself. Alli has fun, collaborative coaching techniques and a style that she's been told is "one of a kind" by her clientele. She has a podcast RUNWITHALLI LIVE and is also a HIIT Group Fitness Instructor for her own brand and Chalk Gyms, located in Williamsburg, New York! If you catch Alli running around Brooklyn, NY, don't be surprised. She is a running workout coach who is always on the go and always on top of her clients, her priority tasks and her work. She herself says that passion drives purposes and that's how she gets her job done!

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