The Beauty of True Love

When did hate become hate? When did it become okay for the world to be like it is? As I sit here and ponder at this thought, I can’t help but to think why things the way they are. Why are they?

I still puzzle at the thought of even answering that question. The answer is that I truly do not know. I may never know. But, what I do know is the now, and what we as a society, a big melting pot can do to stop this from moving forward in our future years as long as we come together.

The beauty of life is often mislead by tangible things. But true beauty is the people, authenticity, different cultures, experiences, friendships, family, true love.

I hadn’t found true love in a romantic sense until the past couple of years. Once it dawned on me what that truly felt like, I woke up. I started to appreciate every little thing that went right (and wrong) every single day. I fearlessly went to pursue my biggest passion: coaching runners and individuals to enhance their life through running & fitness. I found myself once I found self-love along with that too. That feeling is like having a gigantic epiphany where everything all at once just makes sense. When things start to unravel, I can make a better sense of MY why, THAT why. I can learn to appreciate people, peoples differences, family differences. I can be more understanding and open MY heart.

If only we could all be like that, right?

I almost want to say “I’ll see that day, eventually", but the truth is, I wont. I won’t be on this planet without any hate. It’s been hundreds and hundreds of years of this ridiculous way of life continuously getting worse. But why?

Why can’t we just embrace the DIFFERENCE?

I’ve been coaching runners now for 2 or somewhat years, something like that. This has taught me and shaped me to become the person that I am today. Dealing with an array of diverse individuals and their lives has been awakening & rewarding. It makes me feel alive. All of these amazing, amazing people are so uncondtionally dedicated, motivated and inspiring. In a weird way, this hasn’t only inspired me to become a better run coach, but it has inspired me in other aspects of my life. I do everything that I can do to bring runners together and to foster a community of like-minded individuals from all backgrounds, races, places and paces (both running and not). Being a part of that, is just absolutely unreal.

A sport as simple as running can bring so many different people around the world together to laugh, to cry, to befriend each other, the support one another. What beats that?

I remember at the 2016 Boston Marathon before racing, I inhaled a pack of Clif Bloks while I was sitting with a nice, Asian lady in the runners village who kindly asked me why I was sitting with her and eating those. My response was simply "why not?!". She kind of just looked at me and said "you’re super cool and thanks for hanging with me."

Ever since that very moment, I’ve kept thinking to myself “why would she ask such a thing?” and now I know why.

People have their norms and they're ways that they're used to doing things. They hate breaking away from people that are like them. People they can better relate to.

But what about the other amazing people that might be a bit different and aren't a part of those norms? Why are they exploited? I still ask myself why. I think that I'm finally piecing my own puzzle together.

Not one person truly stands ups for his or her chance. Not one person leads by example with true love to set an example for others. Just imagine if every single individual could befriend someone from another race, be endearing, love, live, learn, educate, and help to eliminate hate. What if that happened?

Prosperity would maybe exist across the world. THE WORLD. We’d come together with love and acceptance of our difference with open arms eventually. Or maybe not. The world would be a better place hopefully. We won't know until we try.

Recently, I held a 40 mile 4-week challenge with a colleague who is black. That did not even phase me. We had the same ambitious attitude, we worked as a team and we share the same passion and love for the challenge, the sport and towards our participants. Together, we helped to change the lives of 11 people. 11! Some of which I proudly still coach today.

I was told by one of the women how amazed she was with the audience I attracted because of the diversity, ranging from black women, to white jewish women. I said "get out! No way!". She said it was because I am real, authentic, kind and genuine. There is no fake to me and I am accepting of everyone. I'm humbled and still speechless.

I have never felt more grateful to have the opportunity to GET to help these individuals complete that challenge. Back to my previous point about the challenge, race has never phased me. I found a way to love people for who they are on the inside. If only everyone could do the same or feel the same, right?

Have you noticed who you surround yourself by? The saying does go something like "you’re made up of x% of the people you're surrounded by"or something like that. For the most part, it really does hold true. Every single person each of us surround ourselves by has an impact on the way we are, and what we do in some way, shape or form.

What if every single person in the world only had good to offer, love to offer, acceptance to offer and support to offer? Imagine the impact on the people around them that they would have. Imagine the impact THAT would have on the rest of the world.

It takes one thing, one person to make a difference. Crazy, right? It's like a domino effect. With an open mind, an open heart and an open soul, the world has the potential to become better and do better things. But the unknown question still stands. Can we do it?

Black lives matter. Yes. All lives matter.

If that holds true, what can you do to make this world a better place? What can you do to eliminate hate? Can you answer that?

What can you do to eliminate inequality?

What is your why?

Every person we support and lift up is another person we can help to make this world stronger and BETTER. Surely we've got WAYS to go. But anything needs to start somewhere. Do you have it in you?

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