Welcome to the 16-Week Work From Home Health Challenge!


Are you feeling a lack of motivation? Do you feel like you have little or no time to move? Feeling a lack of structure in your daily life! I HEAR YOU!


If you’re experiencing all or any of the above while working from home, this program is for you. 


Enjoy your new community with colleagues, friends or both, while being paired with an accountability buddy, structured doable easy-to-follow workouts for all fitness levels; grab your spot in my one-time holiday offering now to secure your spot!


This program helps to keep that team cohesiveness high, and that productivity high with your colleagues!


Space is limited to 16-20 participants per group.


First, come, first-served basis.


We begin the program next Monday 12/14/20. Grab your spot now before it's sold out!


I look forward to joining you along your journey to health, wellness, and structure in this new norm.


Let's get to it!



Coach Alli

The Work From Home 16-Week Movement Challenge - 16 Moves in 16 Ways

$40.00 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price

    RUNWITHALLI® , LLC Coaching

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